Costs of flying

Let’s cut straight to the point… flying is expensive!

I researched the costs of learning to fly before I started and struggled to find any reliable estimates. A number of flying schools I spoke to also only told me part of the story which I found rather misleading.

The estimates I was given ranged from £7,500 to £15,000 – quite a big difference!

Martin’s Flying Cost Tracker

I kept a detailed cost tracker of everything associated with learning to fly so that I could share it with others who were looking to pursue their dream of learning to fly. I still use it to track my flying related expenditure to this day, even if it is sometimes a big scary to look at it!

You can see from the summary below that it cost me about £14,000 to achieve my EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL), but it did take me just over 54 hours. So, if you managed to get your licence in the 45 hour minimum, you can expect it to cost you approximately £12,000.