Learning to fly

You have to sit 9 multiple-choice examinations as part of the EASA Private Pilots Licence (PPL) syllabus. You can self study and the majority of people use either the Air Pilot’s Manuals by Trevor Thom or the AFE PPL Course books by Jeremy Pratt. I have tried both of these and found that the books by Jeremy Pratt are easier to understand.

Exam Subjects
The 9 subjects you have to study for are:

  1. Air Law (1)
    Air Law – Airspace
    Air Law – Alimeter Settings
  2. Human Performance (2)
  3. Meteorology (4)
  4. Communications (2)
  5. Aircraft General Knowledge (3)
  6. Flight Performance & Planning (3)
  7. Navigation (5)
    Navigation – Flight Computer / Whizz Wheel
  8. Operational Procedures (2)
  9. Principles of Flight (4)

You are required to take the exams in a maximum of six sittings. You therefore need to take more than one exam in each sitting. The number in brackets against each exam above represents the sitting I took each exam in.

Study Approach
The approach I have taken is to read the relevant book, make my own notes, undertake a period of revision and complete mock exams using the EASA PPL Exams iPhone App and Air Quiz. I have found the iPhone App the most useful revision tool.

Mind Maps
The mind maps are a one page visual overview of each chapter within each subject. I have always found mind maps to be a useful tool when undertaking revision rather than referring back to the text book which can be a little bit daunting a few days before an exam!

Feel free to use the mind maps for your own revision but please be aware that the mind maps were created during my own self study and may (in fact, will) contain errors or the information may (again, will) be out of date. I would therefore always encourage you to undertake your own period of self study and revision for the exams.

If you do spot any errors or out of date information please contact me and I will endeavour to update the relevant mind maps.

1 – Air Law